The big question

The big question is still, where should they go? It is a question that many newspapers ask, for example the New York Times. Everyone has realized that even if Guatanamo is closed, they don’t mean that the detainees will be released. Instead they discuss in which prison they will be placed. Several state governors have already said that they don’t want the detainees in their own state. According to them they, the detainees will create a risk for terrorism attacks against the state. Some even propose that the old island-prison Alcatraz, as now is a tourist park, should receive them. The confusing is in short big. I think it is quite amusing that the criminals of war like George W Bush, Dick Chaney and Paul Wolfowitz did everything too avoid those people to get a normal legal trial. They created secret CIA-prison where people could be tortured. They were put in Guatanamo so they shouldn’t be comprised of the American legislation. Laws were created to make torture okay. And now ask the White House and the American medias if there are countries whose can take care of this people. I still wonder, why cannot USA take care of them? “We can of course not have dangerous terrorist in our towns” indicate medias. If they are released it signify that authority hasn’t enough proof too prove theft of an ice cream, more less terrorism. If the struggle against terrorism means that all human rights can be ignored, who is the biggest terrorist then? Release the prisoners. Let them chose a country they want to live in. And for everyone who doesn’t find a refuge, it is the American authority’s duty to find a place for him or her in USA. And it EU decides to welcome the prisoners; they must have all the information about them. They must know who they are, if they are guilty and if they really has been put in trail. And they should ask why they couldn’t stay in USA. It should be the demand, no secrets.

I found this article on and the writer is William Glaberson. He often writes about and concentrates on Guatanamo, so it feels like he knows what he talk about. The New York Times is also one of the worlds most respected and extensive new paper. So I really think this is a perfect source.


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  1. Sara Says:

    Haven’t I already commented on this?

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