What should EU do?

As I wrote in my past blog contribution, now when Barack Obama enter into the world of presidents he wants to close the Guatanamo base and he wants Europe to take care of a number of prisoners. And now I have read about a series of organizations that support Obama’s idea. One of them is Amnesty International in Brussels.
One of the employees of Amnesty International, Natacha Kazathchkine, says in an article that’s Amnesty International just lies a stone’s throw from the European Parliament and the organization devote a lot of time in this question. She thinks that EU has moral obligations and they must take responsibility over the fifty or sixty persons whose need a country to live in when Guatanamo closes.
Sweden has not take position in this issue; the responsible persons wants to know more before they put their foot down, the question is regarded as complicated, of course. EU tries to have a common position in this question, but every member country can to what ever they want, they mustn’t listen to EU, and this may cause shatter in EU’s countries.
If EU decides to welcome the prisoners, I think they must have all the information about them. They must know who they are, if they are guilty and if they really has been put on trail. And they should ask why they couldn’t stay in the USA. It should be the demand, no secrets. I read that all the prisoners whose going to be released from Guatanamo, are innocent. And because of that, people don’t understand why countries are so worried, but I assume that when you have the responsibility over a country, you are very keen about the security. If the prisoners isn’t a security risk for USA they should stay there, and if they not, they shouldn’t be released. That’s my opinion.

Peter Walker, Mark Tran and agencies


One Response to “What should EU do?”

  1. Sara Says:

    Again a very interesting post where you make good comments and analysis on your story. This time you didn’t make much mention of your source though, which is a shame since you did it well last time. You have very good language that treats quite a difficult subject well, and your post is well structured and fun to read. Well done.

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